Prison Ministry

We visit Banglamung and Soi 9 prisons twice a week, giving food and water to all the inmates on each visit. Each month we feed over 1500 inmates. Many of these are illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries.

Often, Cambodians, Burmese and Laotians are hired by construction companies in Thailand because they will work for very little pay.

Unfortunately, not all employers are honest; when it comes time to pay the hired workers, the employers will turn them in to the police for being in the country without a work permit. They are arrested and deported back to their countries with only what they are wearing and they don’t receive any of the money that they have worked so hard to earn.

We often see children in prisons as they are incarcerated along with their parents. We supply them with milk, medication, diapers and special treats.  Donated clothing is also given to these people as well as assistance with minor medical needs. Once a year we clean and paint the prisons and recently we fixed the main sliding door in the Banglamung prison.

Get involved

Get involved in the prison ministry by volunteering, praying or giving financially.  The cost of each visit includes sandwiches, water, medicine, toiletries as well as milk and pampers for children.

You can give a one off donation or support the costs of our work or commit to a regular donation. You can donate via PayPal or make a direct bank deposit. For details go to our donate page.

Per visit –  1,060   baht (US$ 32)  (average 85 people)
Per week – 2,120  baht (US$ 64) (average 255 people
Per month – 8,450 baht (US$ 256)  (average 1020 people)
Per year –  102,000 baht (US$ 3,072) (average 12000 people)