Hand to Hand’s pre-school is open every Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm and we currently have 10 children enrolled from the local slums. Typically these children are from low-income families. Their parents might be garbage recyclers, construction workers, and manual laborers. If the pre-school didn’t exist the children aged 2-6 years old would be left alone in the slum all day or taken to dangerous work environments.

The school is free and provides food, education, clothing, and medical needs for the students. Many of the children that attend spend more time at the centre than they do at home.  They eat all their meals here, they sleep here, bathe here, play here, and are loved here.​ The children are taught both Thai and English and get the opportunity to experiment and play with various arts and crafts. By the time the children are enrolled in school, they know the alphabet, times tables up to 12, colours, numbers, and animals in both Thai and English.

​​We ensure that by the time the kids have reached school age, all their documentation to be enrolled in a local school is complete including birth certificates and house registration. It became apparent that many of the kids that were showing up for pre-school were old enough to be in school but had never been, for many different reasons, but the most common was lack of finances. As a result, we embarked on a scholarship program; almost all of the children in Hand to Hand’s scholarship program come to one or all of our outreach programs.

COVID-19 Update

All schools in Thailand are closed and the return date for students to return to school in Pattaya is still very unclear.  Online learning was considered but was not feasible due to a large number of students with no access to a computer or internet.  We continue to stay in touch with our preschool students and their families and hope to have them back as soon as possible.

The closure has been good timing for the renovation of our playground, thanks to our generous sponsors. When our kids come back, they will love having a bigger space to run and play in and more accessible toilets.

Sponsor a child

Hand to Hand provides education free of charge to families but this program costs a lot of money to run. Your sponsorship would provide for all the child’s books, food, clothing, medical and classroom resources for the entire year. Learn more about sponsoring a child.

You can also give a one off donation to support the costs of our work or commit to a regular donation to the pre-school. You can donate via PayPal or make a direct bank deposit. For details go to our donate page.

Teacher salary, 1 month – 9000 baht
School supplies for 10 children (pencils, paint, paper, glue, scissors etc), 1 term – 5000 baht.