Hospital Ministry

Every week we visit the hospital to pray for the children and their families and offer emotional and physical support by providing essentials such as diapers, blankets, and some fun colouring books, crayons, and toys. Some children with special needs must be nasally fed with specialized milk.

´Give love and attention to the children that are sick and provide in basic needs for the underprivileged and poor’. 

This is our vision and aim for the Hospital Ministry.

We stop and talk to the patients, giving them attention and love. We speak with the parents and provide help and support whilst they are in the hospital and after they have been discharged.

​An example of this was a grandmother who was in the hospital with her grandchild. She needed our help and now every Friday we visit her in the slums and give her food and provide for other practical needs! We come in contact with a lot of people through the hospital, it opens a lot of doors to those in need.


Get involved

Get involved in the hospital ministry by volunteering, praying or giving financially. You can give a one off donation or support the costs of our work or commit to a regular donation. You can donate via PayPal or make a direct bank deposit. For details go to our donate page.

Pampers – 1,000 baht (US$ 30)  per week
Specialized milk – 3,300 baht (US$ 100) per month
Teddy bears – 50 baht each  (US$2)
Colouring pack – 30 baht each  (US$ 1)