Mon’s cooking school

The Hand to Hand Foundation is always seeking ways to help people gain skills so that they find employment. One of these projects is to teach men and women how to cook basic Thai dishes which they can then sell at the market to make a profit. They are taught everything from hygiene, food preparation and also presentation and packaging. With little skills and no money, such a job was a far-off dream for many of the participants in this project.

After a course with our super cook, ‘Khun Mon’, successful participants are given the ingredients they need to cook and sell food for 1 month. After this period of time, the new chefs have enough of their own money to begin buying the raw ingredients. Their businesses are small but they do provide the income needed for a family.

With the economic devastation that COVID-19 has brought, Hand to Hand has needed to cook 100’s of meals every week. With a limited staff this was an almost impossible task, so the foundation now pays several students to come and help cook these meals.