Masks in the time of Covid 19

Vital skills to supply masks

The Covid 19 pandemic in Thailand caused huge unemployment in the Pattaya area. With the tourists gone and enforced lockdowns, thousands of people were sent home from local businesses without the promise of return. Thousands more were unable to sell the regular items normally popular on the streets of Pattaya.

Another issue caused by Covid 19 was the lack of availability of masks. Once masks become more available, they were too expensive for many people to buy, increasing their risk of catching disease.

To solve some of these problems, Hand to Hand employed 12 people to sew fabric masks for distributing during our ministry and slum visits.  The masks are hand sewn and each one comes with soap so they can be cleaned regularly. The women sewing the masks come to Hand to Hand every week to have their work inspected and to collect their payment. This project has become vital in keeping a group of women employed during these difficult times.

“I used to be a massage therapist visiting people’s homes but this was not allowed during COVID 19”, says Khun Patty, one of the ladies making the masks. “This project has helped me keep busy and have income until I can start working again”.

This project is generously supported by Khun Aoi and Khun Noom.