Disabled Kids

Sponsor a disabled child.

Scroll down to see the children and read their stories. If you would like to sponsor a disabled child please contact us. Provide the name of the child that you would like to sponsor and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If you sponsor a child from Hand to Hand we can give you an official receipt for your contributions. In addition to this, you will receive updates and photos of your child twice a year.

Our Disabled Kids

Name: Jojo
Gender: Male

Date of birth: 26 July 2009
Age: 9 years

  • Jojo is taken care of by his grandmother as his mother works.
  • He is unable to eat normal food and is fed formulae via a tube..
  • His two sisters attend Hand to Hand preschool.

Name: Tanawat
Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 22 August 2012


  • Tanawat lives with her grandma because mum and dad can’t take care of her.
  • Tanawat is blind.
  • She suffers from muscle spasms.
  • She is fed formula via a tube