Monthly appeal: August – September The Bike Ride for Charity

The Hand to Hand Foundation will be doing an 800km and 200km sponsored bike ride from September 31stth till October 15th, 2023, to help raise money to purchase food, pampers, milk formula and educational supplies. There are 10 participants including two girls (14 and 15 years old) and 2 boys (16 and 17) who were recently rescued from trafficking and abusive situations several months ago. Five of the riders are needy people who receive food support each week from the foundation as well as the vice president, Margaret Grainger. Ten second-hand bikes were donated for the ride and the team practices every day around our housing estate where it is safe from traffic and other dangers. Several of the riders aged 13-15 and 50+ years old will complete a 200km ride over 40 days, completing 5km a day. This is to enable participants who are not physically capable of riding 800km and those with restricted time schedules to participate. Our goal is to be inclusive and promote the ride as a way to get fit and work together as a team.  The other riders will each ride 50km per day for 16 days totalling 800km. After every loop, we will pass the Hand to Hand housing estate for water, snack and bathroom breaks.