January Pamper Appeal Video

A quick overview of our January Pampers appeal.


Hand to Hand Promotional Video

A quick overview of how Hand to Hand helps people in the local community at Hand to hand.


King’s Birthday Celebration

Hand to Hand celebrated Father’s Day with the Goh Pai slum community. This was a very special time where we paid respect to the Thai king, worshiped and prayed together.


Hand to Hand is Happy

This is a short video about the different ministries that we do at Hand to Hand. It is sure to lift your spirits and leave you feeling ‘happy!’

Child Protection Policy

This video is an example of one of the projects where we worked together with the government to write a child protection policy for Pattaya City and the local schools.

Sponsor a Child

This will give you a quick insight as to why children need sponsorship to go to school and how you can help.


Child Sex Trafficking

A glimpse into the sad reality of children being trafficked in Pattaya city and how Hand to Hand is working with the community to bring about change.



What We Do

A short video about how we got started and what we were doing in 2012.



Financial Assistance

A trip down memory lane to what we were doing in 2011.

Make the Jump I

Margie is the founder of Hand to Hand and this is her story about how she met Jesus and started walking out the calling she has on her life.


Make the Jump II

This is the second part of Margie’s story.


Hand to Hand

Our humble beginning at Duck Square.