The Team

We are a group of people from around the globe, all with different gifts, but all with the same passion: helping those who need it most, especially the exploited, neglected and abused in Thailand. We do not do any of this for our own gain, but all for the Glory of God. It is Him alone that brought us all to Thailand and it is Him alone that sustains us in the things we lay our hands and hearts to.



Khun Pai is the president of the foundation and the liaison person for partnering with government officers. She does all the administration work to help children get their birth certificates and house registration so they have access to the free medical care, schooling and other social services. She is the Thai representative over all ministry areas of the Hand to Hand foundation and she loves to spend time with the poor helping them to make positive changes for their future. Pai has a wonderful sense of humour and she is a mum to 3 beautiful children. She has been with the foundation since we began in 2010 and she is paid by the Hand to Hand Foundation.


Margie originally comes from Australia and she has lived in Pattaya since 2000. She is the founder and vice-president of the Hand to Hand foundation and she is responsible for overseeing all projects. She is the international liaison and sponsorship coordinator. She teaches English at the pre-school and is also part of the prison ministry team. If you meet Margie you will know of her huge heart and love for the poor and underprivileged in Pattaya, she loves to have fun and encourages others too! Margie is completely self-supported.


Kuhn Ta is a fully qualified teacher and she has a bachelors degree in the education of special needs children. Khun Ta works with Khun May and Khun Tam to plan curriculum and lessons. Khun Ta is responsible for teaching the younger students who are 3 and 4 years old. Khun Taa works daily with an autistic boy that we have at our center and she also runs classes for older autistic children on the weekends.


Khun Mon is a teaching assistant in the pre-school and she loves all of the children as if they were her own. She has three boys, one of whom lives in Bangkok. She assists with the preparation for all the ministry areas and she loves working at Hand to Hand. She loves to learn English and is a fantastic baker. Khun Mon is on the board and she is paid by the Hand to Hand Foundation.


Khun Jiap does all our accounts. She also helps with administration and translation. She is the Thai leader of hospital ministry. She loves to sing and play guitar and the children enjoy this every morning! She has a husband and one daughter. Once a month she leads the worship for the city wide prayer meeting. Khun Jiap is paid by the Hand to Hand Foundation.