The Team

We are a team of people who love God and love people, with a passion to help those who need it most, especially the poor, exploited, neglected, and abused in Thailand.  


Khun Pai is the president of the foundation and the liaison person for partnering with government officials. She ensures all the legal work is completed to help children get their birth certificates and house registration so they have access to free medical care, schooling, and other social services. Pai assists full-time volunteers to apply for work permits and visas to ensure they can legally work in Thailand. She loves to spend time with the poor helping them to make positive changes for their future. She has turned her favourite hobby of gardening into an entire ministry project equipping communities to grow their own food. Pai has a wonderful sense of humour and she is a mum to 3 beautiful children. She has been with the foundation since we began in 2010.

Margie originally comes from Australia and she has lived in Pattaya since 2000. She is the founder and vice-president of the Hand to Hand Foundation and she is responsible for overseeing all projects and coordinating volunteers. She is the international liaison and sponsorship coordinator. She teaches English at the pre-school and is also part of the prison ministry team. If you meet Margie you will know of her huge heart and love for the poor and underprivileged in Pattaya, she loves to have fun and encourages others too! Margie is completely self-supported.


Khun Ta is a fully qualified teacher and she has a bachelor’s degree in the education of special needs children. She is responsible for developing the Thai curriculum and planning lessons. Khun Ta is the head Thai teacher and especially loves teaching younger children. Her responsibilities include the assessment of all the preschool children and the daily administration of the school. Khun Ta works with autistic children and is able to provide opportunities for these children to enable them to learn and grow to their full potential.


Khun Mon is on the board and she is paid by the Hand to Hand Foundation and she is responsible for overseeing staff and the acceptance of children into our preschool, slum, and kids club activities. Mon is a fantastic cook and she is the leader of the Hand to Hand cooking school which is an opportunity for underprivileged adults to acquire skills in Thai cooking and bakery. Mon is responsible for the organization of our projects for those in the poor communities where we serve and visits these families regularly. She has been with the foundation since we began in 2010.

Khun Jiap is the Hand to Hand Foundation office manager and is responsible for the accounting, administration, and translation. She is also the Thai leader of the hospital ministry. She loves to sing and play guitar and she assists with staff worship and preschool music activities. Jiap assist with teaching the children at our Saturday kids club and church services. She has a husband two daughters and a son.

Khun Guitar is a qualified social welfare officer and she is responsible for ensuring the reporting of families and children are kept up to date in order for the foundation to meet their needs in the most effective ways. She works closely with Khun Pai and prepares many of the documents required for government meetings and applications for legal documents for children and their families. She visits the families assisted by the foundation and is involved in helping the poor in local communities.


Khun Tawee is an assistant to Khun Ta and other volunteer teachers. She is responsible for helping to prepare materials for lessons as well as supervising children during activities.  Khun Tawee assists Khun Pai with financial duties and other important assignments. She is responsible for ensuring the Hand to Hand center is clean and safe for the children.