Slum Ministry


Every Friday we reach out to the most needy people that live in the slums. We currently visit 66 families who live in 9 different slums.  We provide food packages, clothing and medicine when required.

A food package consists of rice, two packets of mama noodles, 1 pack of rice noodles, cooking oil, fish sauce, two tins of fish and a small packet of salt.

We support parents with financial support in order to purchase uniforms that they need to begin new employment and even paid rent to prevent families from being evicted from their homes. The families are given advice on how to budget their money so that they can support themselves more effectively. As a result of the slum ministry we have also met a number of children, many of whom now attend our pre-school.

Sponsor a family

The cost of providing the basic needs for a poor family per week is 150 baht. You would be their only sponsor and will receive a photo of your family, information about them, updates every 3 months and an opportunity to communicate with them through our translators, if you wish to do so. Contact us if you would like to sponsor a family in the slum. You can donate via PayPal or make a direct bank deposit using the instructions on our donate page.

1 family for 1 week – 150 baht
1 family for 1 month – 600 baht
1 family for 1 year – 7, 200 baht

1 week for all 66 families – 9, 900 baht
1 month for all 66 families – 39, 600 baht
1 year for all 66 families – 475 200 baht