Monthly Appeal

August – September  2018

We are trying to buy lots of fans to help us stay cool. We need:
* 16 @ 18″ wall fans for our new homes
* 6 @ 18″ wall fans for our pre school.
The inmates in the Banglumung jail are suffering terribly as one side has been boarded up for security and this has cut the ventilation down by about 1/3. The cells are often crowded and prisoners stay in there 24/7, so creating a breath of fresh air will be an enormous blessing. Some of the cells are too deep for wall fans to be effective so some larger free standing ones are needed.
* 2 @ 22″ wall fans for prison
* 2 @ 24″ stand up fans for prison

These are expensive items. I have included a picture of examples and the price at home pro. They have a special on the stand up ones at the moment. If you feel you can’t afford a whole fan, feel free to donate a smaller amount of money and we can combine contributions.

Thanks so, so, so much!!!


If you would like to help us with this appeal you can shop and drop the items off at our centre or make a donation and we will buy it for you and send a photograph.


You can donate by visiting our website at