Monthly Appeal




Our monthly appeal in January 2020 is for nappies/ pampers/diapers.  Although cloth nappies would be the most desirable we use these in places where washing cloth nappies is not possible such as prisons, hospital and slums.  Poor families who give birth to a baby in hospital cannot even afford rice and purchasing pampers is an impossibility for them.  The hospital system does not provide these and many families rely on the generosity of  H2H.  Babies abandoned at birth have no resources and H2H is a major contributor providing for their needs.  We need all sizes, any brand from newborn through to XXXL.  If you’d like to purchase some you can drop them off to the centre or send us the money and we will shop for you.  Right now we are in desperate need of new born size so if you are shopping for us please make this a priority.

The brand is not important. You can drop the nappies off at the Hand to Hand centre.  If you’d prefer us to do the shopping for you, you  can donate through Pay Pal or bank transfer using the link below.

Thank you for your support.