Monthly Appeal – Diapers for the elderly and food for families

This month’s appeal is for adult sized diapers, as there are many elderly who are suffering with illness and physical disability. The sizes we need are M, L and XL and these will be used by both Mercy and Hand to Hand for the people we visit in our slum communities.

During these times when so many people are in need of support, we are also collecting milk, rice, noodles, oil, tins of fish and fish sauce. With so many children at home due to schools being shut, we have also been working with another organisation to make packs of things for kids – we are lookig for colouring-in books, pencils, small toys, and teddy bears. Anything you can imagine a child would want to play with!

There are three easy ways to donate:

  • drop off your items or donations at our centre
  • make a donation online via Paypal or bank transfer and make a note of how you would like your money to be used; if you mention our appeal we can do the shopping for you. We can provide receipt for tax deductibility in the USA, Canada, Thailand and the UK. If you would like to donate and receive a tax deductible receipt please contact us at
  • organise for an online delivery between 9 and 5 from your local supermarket to our centre.

Thank you all for your wonderful support from the Hand To Hand family